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John Cairns

John is an engineer, architect and mentor who focuses on extremly performance sensitive and ultra high volume applications.

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On Thursday, May 5th, John Cairns will present “Smashing Atomics: Concurrency in Java.” Smashing Atomics is a complete overview of concurrency mechanisms available in the Java language. Conversant Disruptor, queuing strategies and machine memory models will be covered. This event is hosted at Conversant. Food and beverages will be provided.

About John Cairns

John Cairns is a high performance Java specialist and mentor at Conversant, Inc. John brings two decades of programming experience in extreme volume environments covering both web serving and financial exchanges. John created the open source Conversant Disruptor, in part to demonstrate that Java is every bit as fast as static compiled languages. As a leader, John focuses on continuing education, mentorship and continuous improvement in software systems.