Demian L.

Senior Software Engineer

What's the most challenging thing about your job?

Writing clean, maintainable and testable code that can be used for years. Writing software is an art form in an ever-changing landscape. What used to work may now be less than desirable, and one must constantly learn and grow to stay relevant.

What did you do before coming to Conversant?

I worked in the music industry, writing software for an amplifier and guitar manufacturer. The equipment was based on DSPs, allowing a single device to emulate hundreds of classic guitar tones.

What technology are you most passionate about?

There are so many insanely cool technologies out there right now, it's hard to choose just one. From self-driving cars to seeing pictures from Pluto and its moons, it's just amazing.

What's something that people would be surprised to learn about you?

I love to bake gluten-free goodies for Thanksgiving and Christmas.'