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Patrick Jaromin

Patrick is the Software Engineering Director of the Ad Tech group at Conversant. His team of software engineers works with Java, Scala, Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Storm, Kafka and more to provide low-latency decisioning and persistence to the core ad server stack.

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Senior Software Engineer Jayesh Thakrar introduced the Conversant Spark Profiler open source project during his presentation at Apache Big Data North America. His Profiling Spark Applications talk exposed the wealth of data available in the application events backing the Spark UI. The open source tool assists engineers in gathering and analyzing their Spark application’s runtime profile.

Project details and the full Scala source code is available on the Conversant github repository. See our open source page for more information and links to all Conversant open source projects.

If you’re working with Spark, be sure to clone the repo and try it out!